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Check out some SAM Broadcaster Tutorials on YouTube. Easy Peasy!

Here are some of the ingredients we feel make a Great RadioPoverty DJ:

  • Regular participation in the JMeeting #RadioPoverty.r room for approximately one month. All of our DJ's were room participants/listeners at one time. The time may be shorter or longer based on individual needs.
  • Sufficient hardware and software resources such as bandwidth. Upload bandwidth is especially important at least 1MB minimum as a gauge. Details available.
  • Read and consent to RadioPoverty policies which will be made available via email.
  • The submission of a ten minute demo of your voice and voice over music. We are not so concerned about technical skill as we are the ability to create and hold rapport.
  • We require that DJ's do their DJ'ing from inside the RadioPoverty room in Being on cam is preferred but not necessary.
  • Please review the DJ schedule for an available time slot. We need 1 to 2 slots a week of 2 hour sessions. Guest DJ's (or floaters) will be brought on by a case by case basis.

We will be happy to steer you towards what you need in order to do a demo.

Want more details? Write to us HERE for more details. Break a leg!!